Sebastian Mitchell

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Sebastian was born 15 August at 12.50pm.  God blessed us with an easy delivery, healthy baby and a quick recovery for mom.  We went home the next day – to a very excited big sister, grandmothers and daddy…


Showers, showers, 1, 2, 3!

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How blessed are we?!?

First, Vera (our new landlady) and the women in her family blessed us with a surprise shower.  Well, they surprised me!  They really have made us part of the family and we are very thankful for that.

Then the men and women of the Bible study blessed us with another shower – this one was great fun, I really enjoyed having the men join in the games…  After that, only two days before Sebastian was born, we had the “big” shower.  Thank you so much ladies, for coming to join us in celebrating our gift.  God has truly blessed us!

(I’ll try adding pics later)





Nanna and Ouma!

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On the 6th of August, two very excited grandmothers boarded a plane.  About 24hours later, they arrived in LA.  And they’ve been working super hard since the day they arrived…  I’ve forgotten how to do dishes, Calista has shown Nanna ALL her toys and I don’t think I can put together a decent meal without help anymore 😉

They came with lots of gifts from friends and family…  Thank you, everybody!

We got to visit the Aquarium of the Pacific before the little man was born.


The best part is that thy got to meet little Sebastian, and take care of Lali while mommy was in hospital.  Will post pics of that soon…  They also got to be a part of one of the baby showers, held only 2 days before Seby’s birth.   We are SO thankful for the opportunity to share our lives and home here with them, to take them to our amazing church, and spend some quality time with these important women.  We love you both and miss you already!




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So it’s been a while since I posted something.  And a lot has changed since then…

God has blessed us with a new home!  We now live in a lovely two bedroom apartment.  It’s the top story of a lovely church couple’s home.  They turned it into an apartment for Vera’s mom.  She’s now living in a nearby hospice and that has led to them renting out the apartment.  We absolutely LOVE the apartment.

Here are some pics (still unpacking – be warned!):

The kids’ room…  Sebastian’s crib is just outside the frame to the right.



Jumping on Daddy doesn’t count as jumping on the bed, right?

Living space:


We are extremely thankful to Vessel of Grace, an organisation that have decided to help us with monthly support.  This has enabled us to move.  It will certainly make our lives more comfortable.  Not only are we in a bigger space, but we are much closer to church/campus/work..  We look forward to a new season – more kids, more opportunities for hospitality , a lot more swimming!

Please pray with us that the Cespedes family would find someone to rent the trailer soon…

A while ago, we received an e-mail from someone we don’t know – I know, sounds like spam, right?  Not in this case!  The Ryan family live in Malibu and they invited us to use their guesthouse to get away for a weekend.  We finally got to go this weekend.  We enjoyed the beautiful beach (they directed us to Westward beach), some relaxed family time and most of all, we enjoyed great fellowship with a great family!  We are very thankful for their eagerness to share what God has blessed them with, and we’re looking forward to getting to know them better.

Here are a couple of pics of our weekend…

Ryan and Calista immediately went exploring.  They quickly found (and then enjoyed) the trampoline.  There are also a large variety of fruit trees and a lovely veggie garden on the Ryan’s property.  We loved seeing how they enjoy working in their garden…



When they got back, it was time to eat!

We headed down to the beach on Friday afternoon (without the camera).  Later, we relaxed on the lawn and Ryan and Calista got their toes wet…

Saturday God graciously supplied lovely cool weather – we spent the morning on the beach and came home for lunch and a nap (while Calista slept, Ryan and I got some reading done).  Then we enjoyed the jacuzzi!  In the evening, we had dinner with the Ryan family (except for Kelly, who was babysitting).  We enjoyed getting to know this lovely family…

Today, I finally took the camera with us to the beach 😉 (Hover over the picture to see the description)





We are so thankful for our church family here – what an amazing thing for someone to bless a couple they don’t know with such a generous gift…  Thank you David, Debbie and kids!

Our princess turns 3

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Soon after we got married, God blessed us with our first child – a little girl!  That little girl just turned three!  She’s been such a blessing – we enjoy her enthusiasm, her friendliness, her jokes and we’ve loved watching her grow up and learning about God…

We had an early birthday party for her a few weeks ago.  On her birthday, we had a quiet morning baking special “rainbow” cupcakes and then went out for ice cream with the Botes family after spending the afternoon with them.  We are so grateful to God for blessing us with their friendship.  They’re an amazing example of godliness and we really treasure them!

Here are some pics of Lali’s “big day”:

I will add a pic or two of the ice cream experience soon – just need to get them from Lynette (left my camera @ home 😦  )

Calista’s art gallery

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